Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More things to do this summer!

1. zoo
2. beach
3. art museums
4. science museum
5. history museum
6. bible school
7. swimming
8. crafts
9. sports
10. day camps
11. camping outside in the backyard
12. picnics
13. slip and slide
14. water guns
15. bubbles
16. baking cookies
17. picking your own apples, strawberries, etc.
18. circus
19. sidewalk chalk
20. water sprinklers
21. water balloons
22. make your own pizza day
23. make your own ice cream sundae
24. decorate your own cupcake/cookie
25. possible
26. smoothies
27. renting movies
28. the library - usually they have a fun summer reading program!
29. acting your own play
30. make believe pirate ship adventure
31. playing doctor
32. playing store
33. make their own band
34. outer space make believe adventure
35. duck duck goose
36. lemonade stand
37. amusement parks
38. go to the movies
39. playdates
40. sleepovers
41. jump rope
42. Mother May I
43. Red Light, Green Light
44. day at the park
45. bikes
46. skating
47. soccer
48. baseball
49. badminton
50. football
51. volleyball
52. ping pong
53. frisbee
54. horse shoes
55. fishing
56. board games
57. card games
58. charades
59. hula hoops
60. I spy with my little eye
61. start a collection
62. start a journal
63. create an obstacle course
64. read together
65. tent - nothing is more fun than putting a big blanket over chairs and playing tent
66. take a tour of a factory
67. tour a radio station
68. tour a restaurant
69. nature trails
70. canoeing
71. horseback riding
72. helping in the garden
73. bowling
74. a day at the races
75. flying a kit
76. tye dye t-shirts
77. paper airplanes
78. homemade playdough
79. finger painting
80. coloring books
81. puzzles
82. make a vacation memory book
83. write their own mini book

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Miracles- What is a miracle? Definition an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause or any amazing or wonderful event.

This past week I have experienced a few miracles. Many of you know that we are in the process of adopting a little boy from Haiti. We have been fund raising due to Steve's past two trips going to Haiti.We had a casino night and raised funds by auctioning of an airline ticket voucher.Over the coarse of two weeks we raised 2,000.00 for tickets. We then went to purchase the airline tickets and the price had gone up by 600.00. Our good friend Mike got on the line and worked some magic with Delta Airlines and some airline miles. We then had enough to purchase the tickets.

Five days before we go to leave we get an email from Pastor in Haiti letting us know that our costs for everything in Haiti is 1000.00. Well needless to say the only thing left to sell was our second car. Thanks to the great gift of Craigslist we posted the car. We sold it in one hour after posting it for $800.00. We also received some other donations.The whole ride has been great and exciting.

I definitely feel like this has been a test of faith for us. I wouldn't ask for a better lesson than the ones I have learned this past month.

I'm grateful to pastor Whitney and coordinating things there in Haiti. Three short days until we take off in the plane. Pinch me is this real. Yep it's real alright!
Miracles are real very real.

Speaking of miracles: There is an angel in my life right now. She lives with us. Laura has been a God send. She has helped us fund raise put a party together, cooked dinner,watched kids, donating her time and money to the cause of bringing Jeremiah home. I couldn't of done this without her.She is a part of our family and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you is not enough!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today is a day of reflection: We have been working as a family to raise the funds for us to go to Haiti. The Casino night was a success. We have purchased some clothes for Jeremiah even though weren't to sure of his size. A friend has donated a toddler bed and scooter.We also have the car seat. The time is nearing for Steve and I to leave in 10 days to Haiti.

I can't explain all of the emotions I am feeling at the moment. The first emotion is sadness for the loss in Jeremiah's family not having him there any more.I can't imagine not having one of my children.I also feel the pain for his siblings. I then feel compassion for the situation the empathy.The love is just incredible to give up a child for a better life.The magnitude of the impact this will have on everyone will unfold in time. Love and my prayers have been highest and best good for all involved.

I relate this to having a garden and having a plant where it's not growing well. You think it's beautiful with it's light green color and it's soft pink delicate blossoms. The area where it's planted will be ok and will grow fine. The spot gets ok sun and gets enough water to keep it alive. You know that this small flower would grow and flourish in better circumstances. A protected spot with great sun and water. The plant would first have trauma from uprooting it. The flower may wilt a bit then after it settles into it's new spot it starts to flourish.
I hope to really think of everything to ask his mom and dad while we are out there.

I pray for wisdom beyond my eyes and preconditioning in our society. I pray for guidance and all things to fall into place.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

School being out Ideas to keep the kids busy!

Summer Ideas:
These are some ideas to keep the kids busy!
* Grow a Garden
* A Day at the Races (make up your own races!)
* A Walk in the Past
* Read a Book
* Go to a Rodeo
* Knot Tying
* Go Fishing
* Fly a Kite
* Go Camping
* Go on a Picnic
* Blow Bubbles
* Tye Dye
* Make a Paper Airplane
* Go on a Thrill Ride
* Do a Zoo
* Build a Sand castle
* Color Summer
* Learn to Play Guitar
* Make play dough.
Read a chapter book aloud to your kids.
Read a novel (something just for you!)
Go to an amusement park or local county/state fair and ride all the thrill rides!
Go fishing.
Make homemade ice cream in a Ziploc bag.
Sit outside and sip iced tea.
Make fresh lemonade.
Keeping kids brains working Check out these sites:
Or google: summer fun activities

Everyone have a great summer!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why adopt?

Many people have been asking me why adopt? I think this is a good question. I have been wanting more children for about 2 years now.The other children are getting older and I thought a lot about having more, but felt like I have been settling. Especially since I physically can't have more kids now. There is a lot of love and teaching I still can give.I knew the kids would love a younger sibling because they have asked us to have another baby over the years.

The opportunity just presented itself for Jeremiah. We weren't directly looking for it. I had always said that it would present it's self and I wouldn't go seeking it out.

Over the years we had an opportunity. One was with an older girl that was older than Samantha. The situation changed and her parents held on to her and made it work. She is a wonderful young lady. We still keep in contact with her today.

We don't think of adoption as a feel good thing to do. We are thinking of it as adding an addition to our family. A son and a brother for the kids.I'm looking forward to being his second mom to love and cherish him.Clean up the toys and fix his boo boo's. I don't think this will be the last one we adopt either. I think there is one more out there after this one. She will present herself also.

I am enjoying being at home with the kids and wouldn't change it. I know this is where I'm suppose to be.