Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Family

I was recently asked about our family.So I thought I would do a little write up on it.
Steve is the father and daddy to three beautiful children and Sherri is the mommy. They have been married 16 years. May is their oldest daughter 14 and is very talented in acting and playing her piano. She is also very academic, but we don't want it to get to her head. Sam is their oldest son 13. He likes science,expierments,and slimey creatures. He is also very smart, but we don't want that to go to his head. .Jeremiah is 4. He is the youngest in our family and came to us last year from Haiti. Our adoption was finalized Dec 2, 2010. He is very smart and has learned English very quickly. He also is very cute, but we don't want that to go to his head.
We have lived in Nampa for 6 years and really enjoy living here. Steve is a peds nurse at St. Luke's hospital. Sherri is a full time mom and a part time Sales rep for Copies Plus in Nampa.
Sherri Swihart