Friday, March 9, 2012

Notes from Personal Development

March 2012
Notes from Woman’s Conference / Bob Berg
Lisa Thorne IBWN 3/8/12

Surround yourself with those people that have achieved more than you you have.
Law of the Lid Raise your Lid
Value experience and reflection
Coaching and Mentoring
Participate in a master minds group
A stop doing list
Make a new Friend
Learn Something New
Empowering Woman’s Conference Lauralyn Design your Dreams
1 Vision Board
2 Life in Balance Quote “ You can do anything but you can’t do everything.” David Allen
3 Integrity in all situations
4 Gratitude for what we have. You were given this life so live it!
5. Kindness to others and service to others

Bob Berg Meridian Chamber 3/7/2012 put on by Julie Larson
Law of Value:
Give more in value than what you take in payment. There is a difference in price and value. Value is relevant worth and then you male great profit. This also gives you peace of mind. We want to give our customers so much more in value than we take in payment. Value is through the focus on them. The higher they perceive the value then they will exchange their goods.
Law of Compensation: How many you serve and how well you serve them will determine the amount you earn. You need to have significant reach.
Law of Influence:
Put others peoples interests first. This is the golden rule of networking.
Make sure things are win win mutually beneficial
Follow Systems:
You need to follow systems process of achieving a good base on simple how to logic. Bottom line you do business with who you know like and trust.
Networking always leave somebody feeling good.
Let people talk about themselves.
When you are telling you are not selling.
Ask feel good questions like: How did you get started in your business? Then authentically listen.
What do you enjoy most about what you do?
One key question: How can I tell who would be a good prospect for you
Talk about the following:
Family, Occupation, Recreation, and their special interests charity, sports ect…
Other Suggestions:
Have note pads on hand to pass out to customers.
Hand write cards with a color picture on it sent to people you meet.
Publish something!
Law of Authenticity:
Giving of yourself from who you truly are. A lot of times we don’t value ourselves with our true value. Assess your true value. “Wise person will learn from others.” Learn from others but don’t adapt their personality. Adapt not adopt.
Law of Receptivity:
Open to receiving you need to work on both of them at the same time. Giving and receiving in tandem.
Mighty is the person who can control their emotion and make a enemy into a friend. We have a choice to react or respond.
Great eight words to use in customer service: If you can’t do it I will definitely understand. If you could do it I would greatly appreciate it. Don’t get yourself in any hot water over it.
Tact is the language of strength
How to say NO!
Thank you for asking but that is not something I choose to do right now. I am honored you thought to ask me but that is not something I choose to do. Please think of me in the future.
Customer Service: Say Thank You and response My Pleasure
Excellence, Consistency, Attention, and Empathy.
Say good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening
Deflection or Persuasion:
I appreciate you coming to me with this problem I have great respect for _______. I will have to look into it.
Law Of Left Field: Gifts will come from left field. Golden Opportunities will come that way also. Benevolence will come from your influence.
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